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Our Story

The alliance Gaming League was founded by two avid gamer’s who saw a need for a more console focused league in the Esports scene.  Against many doubters and the “PC IS KING” mentality, the AGL has made incredible strides and has achieved some amazing growth towards bringing the industry’s first fully functioning console only competitive Esports league.



Our Teams

See the AGL’s current lineup as well as meet some of the players currently in the league.  Each one of our players has a unique background and has walked different paths in life.  At the end, they all love being gamer’s and showed their skill and personality to make it into the AGL!

Meet The Teams



Take Your Shot

Upon the inception of the AGL,  its founders identified there was no clear way for players to actually compete for their spot in a League.  So, the creating of the Gamers Combine brings a simple and easy way to show your skills and personality and game your way into the “Alliance of Gamers”.

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