Detroit Chargers

Detroit Chargers

The Chargers were the 4th team to be added into the AGL.  Utilizing high communication and a team approach, these guys are a force.  Since entering in the league, the Chargers have established themselves in the comp scene and continue to show its strength both in and out of the AGL.

Anthony "DAZ"

Team Captain/AGL DazBuwShh

I am 28 years young from Toronto canada, currently I stay in an igloo where alliance gaming league provides heat for my xbox sleeve...Kidding! I started playing video games at the age of 10 years old on games like counter-strike, Delta Force, Day of Defeat. From that point I grew a love for FPS shooters. I began playing competitive gaming at the age of 15 for the CAL league on CS, Eventually I was introduced to the console genre with halo on my first xbox and from that point I fell in love with console gaming. For me family & friends come first where I am honest and loyal to the bone for them. That is why I am so happy to be a part of the AGL because before co-workers and teammates we are truly a family.

Christian "Patty"

AGL Vintage

My name is Christian aka. (Wraith) I have been playing APEX Legend since just after its release date in February 2019. I began playing video games at an early age as I was often teased and bullied for being smaller than other kids my age and overtime found a passion, comradery and a way to escape real life problems often faced by kids today. I was introduced to AGL by my teammate DAZ and found a real connection and bond with someone who felt like a brother to me when I really needed the inspiration trying to build a future doing something that I love. The possibility to create a future for myself doing something that I had a true passion for that helped me build confidence in myself and abilities, and to be truly successful. Its my goal to try and help other players who struggle with depression and isolation to know that just escaping into a video game does not solve the problem, but the support and friendships that are developed with teammates become away to share similar experiences and often just give someone the opportunity to make friends with others. Hoping to inspire and encourage other players to believe in themselves, reach for your dreams and #NewBeginnings.


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