Philadelphia Kings

Philadelphia Kings

Don't take them lightly!  Debated as one of the best teams on console...they will come, they will dominate, and they will conquer.  They are the KINGS!


Team Captain AGL_Redmond

24 yr old loving father whose daughter drives him everyday to better their lives. A strong competitive nature in his arsenal of talents which drives him to put his best foot forward at everything he does. He has been playing video games since he was young from Sega, Nintendo, GameCube Xbox and now PlayStation. Unfortunately, after graduating high school he geared his focus towards his business and strayed away from the games. Within the past 2 years he was reeled back in by his brother who forced him to buy Call of Duty WW2 and eventually take up Fortnite. His competitive edge was brought back out and then was introduced to Apex Legends by one of the guys that had worked for him. "I was atrocious and then one day everything came together and clicked. After I got my first taste of the tournament scene I was sold. From that moment on I told set a goal to compete win and get signed. Throughout the journey our team has failed we’ve learned and tried again time after time until we got it right and finally achieved our first goal. Now here we are and it’s just the beginning."



Born and raised in New Jersey my whole life, the traditional sports were all I put my focus on whilst in school (soccer, football etc.). When I did have free time in middle school, I constantly played Call of Duty MW2 and that's when my gaming career unofficially started. I graduated college in 2018 and landed an accounting position which I still hold today in central Jersey. After work I knew I needed a creative outlet and gaming revealed itself to me through Fortnite at first, but later transferred to Apex legends where I found I had real IQ for the game. Wanting to make a name for myself, I was fortunate enough to find & qualify in the AGL tournaments to become a signed player for the Philly Kings. I am very excited for what the future holds and if I can give any advice, never be afraid to take a chance because life is short and you'll never know the outcome until you can say you tried.



Psychology Graduate of SUNY Potsdam and an avid outdoorsman, Raymond was always an avid gamer throughout his career. Ray enjoys playing on platforms such as PC and PlayStation, in games such as Apex, Rust, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, and many more. Now a full time signed player for the Philly Kings of Alliance Gaming League and a Forensic Interviewer at the Child Advocacy Center, Ray strives to bring the enjoyment of gaming and competitive play to a higher level, while bringing the same entertain and joy of gaming to those around him.

Take Your Best Shot

Head on over to the Gamers Combine site and see what Qualifier tournaments we have coming up.  You might find yourself as one of our next signed players!