Phoenix Flight


Since these guys have entered the league, they have certainly “taken off”.  Don’t let their cool demeanor fool you… they will rain down “the pain”.

Humza "Kas"

Team Captain/AGL KasTheElite

Kas here, the 16 year old kid who made it becoming a signed esports player and showed I have what it takes. Team Captain of AGL’s Phoenix Flight. From the first moment I heard about the AGL and how they were giving a shot to the underdogs, the people who had skill but never had the stage to showcase it, I put myself to the test. I lived for the grind, put in my hard practice hours so I can join this organization doing what I love. I’ve always had a hunger for competition, and the passion to fuel it. I was signed with the first team and since then my goal remains the same; to showcase my team’s skill and how important team chemistry really is. I will always dedicate myself to the grind and produce results to be proud of. Doing that while representing such an amazing organization as the AGL, that prioritizes it’s player’s and their lives and gives a true community and family feel for everyone, is everything I hoped this would be. It motivates me even more to show the world just what we can do as a team, where the biggest dreams can be accomplished. Music, especially rap lyricists help push me, and as a teen, find who I am. In the AGL I’ve found my competitive side and have seen myself truly blossom. Just watch and see what this young kid’s about to do, grab some popcorn cause i’ll be putting on a show for everyone to see. “The Darkest nights make the brightest stars”- Witt Lowry.


AGL Prophet



AGL Phated


Take Your Best Shot

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